All Aged Corporations Listed are Money Back Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed All 2021 Bank Underwriting Guidelines and Get You Funded Fast!

Our Clients Get Funded – 100% Approvals! Now 14+ Years Perfect Funding Record! The Best Full Compliance Corporations in the Industry Expertly Engineered and Money Back Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed All 2021 Underwriting Guides. Most Companies INCLUDE all the following: Established EIN tax payer number, Filed State and Federal Tax Returns, Historical Bank Statements, Paid Trade lines, Business Credit Cards, Fully updated Secretary of State, all Foreign State Registration Services, Business License, Certificate of Good Standing,  in house 411 Listed Live Answered Remote Call Forward Service, Established Business Mailing Address, Merchant Account(s), 3-5 Page Website built to Meet Lender Guide lines, all Corporate Records, Corporation Kit and Seal, Pre-Printed Stock Certificates, Company Minutes, Custom Company Operating Agreement, Pre-paid Professional Registered Agent Service, PLUS FULL CFO/CREDIT PARTNER Executive Search & Placement Services are available in some situations, PLUS Full Start to Finish Support of our Underwriting Team of Experts, on site Bookkeeping Associates, Personal and Business Tax Specialist, Payroll Services, in house CPA, IRS Enrolled Agent, and top Beverly Hills Tax Attorneys that Apply Financing Secrets and Techniques You Will Never Learn from Anyone Else. WE DELIVER EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET YOUR BUSINESS LOANS APPROVED AND WE DON’T JUST SELL YOU A SHELF CORPORATION – WE GET YOUR BUSINESS FUNDED FAST!


Over the last 14 years the Wilshire Financial Group has been the national leader in our specialized field of endeavor with the single most innovative, strategic, and ground-breaking financial corporate business structures and business funding system that has ever been created. A one-of-a-kind copyrighted business funding system so singularly unique, it has completely revolutionized the traditional business funding process. 

Our team of financial experts in the Wilshire Financial Group’s Beverly Hills offices have opened doors for clients to millions of dollars in business start-up funding and business expansion capital that would have never been available through any other traditional business funding approach, not anywhere, and not at any price.

Learn more by calling us today at 323-648-5232 for a no cost consultation or to make an appointment to visit us in our Beverly Hills offices.

The call is free. The information is priceless.

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