The Wilshire Financial CFO Opportunity

What Is A Paid CFO & How To Become One

  • BECOME A CFO/CREDIT PARTNER for a WILSHIRE FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. Qualified & Insured Corporate Client

The Wilshire Financial Group, Inc. CFO/Credit Partner Program is an exclusive opportunity for those individuals with excellent personal credit and some business knowledge to sit on one of our many corporate client’s board of directors in a very significant position and to potentially earn a passive income up to $100,000.00 yearly plus one of the most generous sign-on bonuses $5-10K and REFERRAL BONUSES in the industry. We have a strict pre-approval process and not all candidates will qualify or can be accepted into this program.

Please take a moment to review the qualifications prior to contacting us. You can find answers too many of your questions under the qualifications section. We take our program very serious and ask that only serious well-qualified individuals or referral agents contact us concerning this particular program.

Qualifications Q&A

HERE’S HOW TO BECOME A CFO FOR ONE OF OUR CORPORATE CLIENTS: Minimum Wilshire Financial Group, Inc. Requirements to Possibly Qualify as a Corporate CFO

  1. 700 Credit Score or better on all three credit bureaus
  2. Must be a US citizen
  3. Have 3 revolving credit accounts with credit limits over 5K
  4. No more than 30-40% of your available credit limit used
  5. Auto loan should be on your credit profile – open or closed
  6. Mortgage should appear on your credit profile open or closed
  7. No Bankruptcy new, old or pending
  8. No State or Federal tax liens
  9. No Collection Accounts
  10. No Public Records on your consumer credit profile
  11. No unsettled lawsuits of any kind
  12. No 30, 60, 90 day late payments on your credit profile
  13. No more than 6 inquires in the last 6 months (call us)
  14. Minimum of 5 year credit history. Longer the better.
  15. Most of our candidates are 25-75 years of age
  16. No employment required
  17. Have work, business or professional experience in any field
  18. No knuckleheads please (you know who you are)

Do You Have Questions?
Here are Answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Question: What is the Wilshire Financial CFO/Credit Partner Program?
Answer: A credit based business opportunity.

Question: Will I need to pony up any money?
Answer: No. Our corporate clients pay you!

Question: My credit really sucks bad but my grandmother has good credit will she qualify?
Answer: No.

Question: I have a business associate with good credit. Can I get a referral fee if WFG gets him qualified and uses him?
Answer: Yes. $5,000.00 . Call us – but don’t waste our time. Ask your friend or business associate before you call us.

Question: How much can I make as a CFO/Credit Partner per year?
Answer: $25,000.00 to $100,000.00 plus per year passive income is possible. Question: Do you offer a sign-on bonus? Answer: Yes, up to $10,000.00.

Question: How long does it take to start making money?
Answer: You can get paid in as little as 30 business days from the date you sign on.

Question: Will the corporation apply for personal or business lines of credit.
Answer: Only business lines of credit.

Question: Will the corporate business loans appear anywhere on my personal consumer credit profile?
Answer:   No. All loans are made to the business and will not impact your personal credit whatsoever.

Question: Will the corporation use any of my current personal credit cards for any reason?
Answer: No.

Question: Do I need any money to sit on a board of directors?
Answer: No.

Question: Will I have to pledge any of my personal assets?
Answer: No.

Question: How long is my commitment?
Answer: 12 months.

Question: Will I be under a contract?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is any experience required?
Answer: No but experience is rewarded significantly!

Question: Who is responsible for the monthly payments?
Answer: The Corporation who employs you is always 100% responsible for making all loan payments.

Question: Are there any safe guards in place to protect my identity and credit?
Answer: Yes. Significant payment reserves are held in escrow.

Question: Can I opt-out of the program in 12 months?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I choose to stay on the corporate board of directors for another term.
Answer: Yes. Of course this will be up to you and your new employer. In fact, we have CFO’s we placed 10 years ago still sitting our the original board of directors. Today they are corporate stockholders!

Question: Will I be paid to renew my contract?
Answer: Yes. Should both parties decide to work together for another term of employment. The exact terms would be negotiated between you and your employer.

Question: Are you based in the United States?
Answer: Yes, our corporate headquarters are located in Beverly Hills California and you are welcome to visit.

Question: Can both a husband & wife be a CFO?
Answer: Yes, this would perhaps earn you even more!

Question: Is this program legal?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Has your company, Wilshire Financial Group, Inc. ever been involved in any legal litigations?
Answer: No, we have never had any legal ligation of any kind.

Question: Where do your corporate clients get unsecured business lines of credit from?
Answer: From a variety of regional and national lenders.

Question: Will I have any ownership in the corporation?
Answer: No, not as a rule however this may be negotiated.

Question: Are there any guarantees we will be approved for funding?
Answer: No. We are not lending our own money so of course we cannot make any guarantees of funding.

Question: Does everyone qualify for your CFO/Credit Partner program?
Answer: No, this is a very unique opportunity and we are very selective. Only a small percentage of candidates will qualify. If you’d like to join this exciting program, please fill out our simple pre-qualification application today.

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