Deciding What Wilshire Financial Services You Need?

While we provide a broad range of financial services it is important to know the difference between each of these specialized services. One of the most important things to know is that book keeping service and accounting services are not the same thing.

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While both do provide some overlapping tasks while assisting you with your financial matters there are very specific jobs to should designate to a WFS bookkeeper and other duties that you may want to designate to one of our accountants or our on site Certified Public Accountant.

Our bookkeepers may be appointed by you to assist in your ongoing financial matters that keep your business running smoothly. We can provide such services as entering all your loan data and handle monthly servicing of all your business loans. A Wilshire Financial Services bookkeeper can handle your monthly invoicing and recording payments received. Our bookkeepers can also handle and maintain your company payroll as well as handle and manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable and manage your company’s accounting systems.

Accountants and Certified Public Account Services

Accountants actually study your business, turns that data into comprehensive information and reports back to you directly with an analysis of the data. A Certified Public Accountant is qualified to provide you with financial and consultative advice. Our in house accountants can offer you a myriad of financial services such as recording real estate purchases, assist in property refinancing, conducting internal and external financial audits, tax consulting and planning, required corporate maintenance and file necessary recordings and prepare your financial statements. Our accountants can also assist you in preparing your personal and business tax returns and have a firm understanding of taxation so they may assist you not only basic tax filing preparation but they can also advise you on tax strategies.

Accountants are essential to your business by providing you valuable insight and providing you with future business forecasts, help predict emerging trends and identify well in advance the best opportunities to expand your business.

It is important for you to know and understand that accountants and Certified Public Accountants work hand-in-hand with our bookkeepers assuring our corporate clients your financial requirements are not merely met but exceeded.

The WFS Bookkeeping Service

Unlike a simple bookkeeper our WFS bookkeeping service team is comprised of members that specialize in very specific areas of expertise. The WFS bookkeeping service offers you a multi-tiered approach consisting of accounting specialist, accounting software specialist, a full charge bookkeeper and a Certified Public Account.

Our accountants and accounting software specialist construct a personalized and unique data file that specifically suits your needs and the needs of your business. Our specialist make sure that you always have access to the data and the financial reports you and your lenders need.

Our Certified Public Accounts can keep your company accountable by reviewing the work of bookkeepers and assure the security of your financial data. The CPA can also issue you audited monthly and quarterly financial reports that let you and your existing or potential lenders exactly what needs to be addressed.

Do You Need a Specialized Tax Attorney?

Beyond bookkeeping, accounting and CPA services we have knowledgeable tax attorneys available Monday through Friday 9-5 who are available to discuss you specific personal or business needs, local, state and federal laws, perhaps provide you a solution to an IRS matter, or answer your financial legal questions.

Understanding the differences between Wilshire Financial Services that are available to you is extremely important to getting the right financial help. One size does not fit all.

Anyone who is doing something is always learning one way or the other. Call and consult an expert and save time, save money and save heartache or…learn from the school of hard knocks. The choice is yours.

What are you trying to accomplish and what is your timeline?
Do you need money to purchase a ongoing business? Do you need financing to start a new business or perhaps you want to finance the expansion of your existing business? For over 13 years we have been in the trenches dealing every day with business lending institutions, both traditional and non-traditional. We are well versed in our area of expertise and we keep our finger on the constantly evolving business lending environment that is rooted in economic shifts and changes.

We can offer solutions and get you funded fast.

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