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ALL INCLUSIVE – Aged/Seasoned TEXAS  CORPORATION BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES COMPANY (Excellent funding vehicle!) This company was established in 2018 and seasoned  2.11 ,YEARS. In good standing with  Plus established Texas   fictitious name, established, SIC coded 8742 business management/business consulting .: Established EIN #  number included, all company records, resolutions authorizing the formation, articles of formation, limited liability company minutes, Corporation bylaws, stock certificates, corporate kit with seal, 5 page website, company business checking account and gold debit MasterCard assistance for owner, 1 year registered agent fees and mail forwarding service included plus 30 days Beverly Hills live answered business telephone service with remote live call forward to your cell phone or land line ( 30 days included $150 monthly) . Credit Potential 2021 Funding Estimate- $175,000.00-+ stated income unsecured loans qualified. Foreign state registration included and all loan underwriting services included.-Nothing more to buy!  Price $34,950.00

New Listing with CFO Services!

ALL INCLUSIVE – Aged/Seasoned SOUTH DAKOTA CORPORATION – This company is 3.9 years seasoned and is IMMEDIATE turn-key. SIC coded: BUSINESS MARKETING CONSULTING SERVICES CORPORATION 735+ CFO/CREDIT PARTNER SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE PRICE. D&B low risk profile included-Established federal tax ID number included. Established 800 National wide live answered, 411 listed telephone services (30 days pre-paid) Secretary of State updates paid (2 states paid over-the-counter filings) all corporate records, corporate resolutions authorizing incorporation, articles of incorporation, corporate minutes, corporate bylaws, stock certificates, corporate kit with seal, Facebook business website fully optimized, 5 page live supported website included, corporate business checking account, line of credit and gold MasterCard assistance for owner, certificate of good standing, business license plus 1 year registered agent fees and mail forwarding service included. ESTIMATED 2020 FUNDING $325,000.00+ corporate loan qualified. This one is ready to roll into funding and is hands free. WILSHIRE FINANCIAL GROUP PRIORITY EXPRESS SERVICE INCLUDED- Price $42,950.00 DELIVERED

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