Wilshire Financial Decentralized Autonomous Organization “DAO”

Out with the old way of doing business and in with the new!

The world of finance is changing quickly and on we are now poised on the verge of a major change in the way business will be conducted in our very near future.

The Wilshire Financial Group Inc DAO replaces the traditional concept of the Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) with a brand new creation. A special company formed using blockchain technology and launched on the Etherum platform. These brand new rock solid, completely transparent, business structures are called Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or simply a “DAO.” – Wilshire Financial Group is working now on creating and   be able to deliver to our clients a structured business shell company organized utilizing advanced blockchain technology. We will deliver your new  blockchain based limited liability company as platform where you can have many business partners and business investors, located anywhere in the world who can collaborate on a single business project, make money together, and vote over issues like the organization’s direction, its leadership and usage of the funds in the company treasury. DAOs not only lower transaction costs dramatically through their use of smart contracts  but they can prevent laws and other rules being broken. The possibilities are unlimited.

Wilshire Financial Decentralized Autonomous Organization “DAO”

Delivered Pricing Upon RequestCall to discuss your intended capital raise, public or private platform preferences and build-out time lines.

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