“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.”
                                                                                     ―Benjamin Franklin

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

Whatcha going to do when the well runs dry?

I’ve been thinking back over the last 13 years. Throughout all those years I have sent you hundreds of email messages, and in my opinion, this Corona Virus fiasco is not only a significant physical health threat, but, it is very quickly shaping up to be the most serious and deadly threat that we have ever encountered in our lifetimes to our country’s economic health, our future, and our own personal financial survival.

Right now before it may be too late please read this.

Here is perhaps the most important words of advice I have ever advised our client base-

Pay your bills.

Do the best you can. I’m aware that many of you are currently not working, but do whatever it takes, cut back where you can, make minimum payments but-

Pay your bills on time.

Don’t pay them late if you don’t absolutely have too.

Don’t get hypnotized and lulled into submission and hopelessness by the bad news being reported by the mainstream media. And, whatever you do, don’t follow the herd. Don’t buy into the latest “its end-of-the-world” BS story.

” Henney Penney the sky is falling. Run away, stampede!”

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve heard it on the TV and right now, you may be hearing this crap from your friends and your neighbors.

“Oh my God EVERYBODY is unemployed, and NOBODY is working so NOBODY has any money. So what can I do? I know! I won’t worry, I’ll just stay home and be happy. I’ll  just sit and wait this out. Uncle Sam will take care of me.”

And then- the rest of the story; 

“Honey, you don’t need to worry about your credit card payments. 

Don’t worry about making your mortgage payment or paying your rent on time. NOBODY is. NOBODY is working. NOBODY is paying their auto loan, so why should you? Just call your lenders and let them know ‘you’re not working’ and you can’t pay them as agreed. EVERYBODY is doing it… so go ahead, just make that call, the lenders will understand. 

All you’ll need to do is pick up your phone and to ask your creditors for a “Forbearance Agreement.”



Don’t ask any lender(s) for a “Forbearance Agreement” unless it’s your last ditch option. I mean unless you are literally on your death bed. Do not ask for a “forbearance” on anything. Not for your mortgage payment. Not for your monthly rent payment. Not on ANY of your credit cards.And certainly DO NOT ask for a “Forbearance” on your auto loan(s). Believe me when I tell you that it may look like the “easy way” out of this tough situation we are all in but IT WILL HAUNT YOU FOR THE NEXT 7-10 YEARS and no matter what anyone tells you-


If anyone tells you it won’t hurt your credit?

Your answer should be-

You go first!

Here’s the truth- Your available credit line on ALL your credit cards, ALL your lines of credit, even ALL your business credit lines and ALL business credit cards will be NEGATIVELY affected!
Everything today is connected by computers. These machines know more about you than you know about yourself!
All of the credit you may now have available today… will vanish. It will be reduced down to whatever your current outstanding balance is. Your credit scores will drop so fast and so low you’ll need a shovel to locate your new FICO CREDIT SCORE next month.

I hope I’m wrong. But I don’t think so…

Do you remember the 2008 Sub-Prime Mortgage Credit Crisis?

Do you remember the “good advice” many people were given back then? We certainly do. It went like this…

“Don’t pay your mortgage. NOBODY is so why should you? Banks are failing now so they will be ‘happy’ to give you a LOAN MODIFICATION.

Do you remember that line of crap?

Starting around the end of 2007 we began receiving hundreds of calls every week from people all over the country who stopped paying their mortgages and got talked into applying for a Loan Modification AKA a “Loan Mod” and what happened?

Almost everyone of them lost their credit, lost their credit lines, and lost their home equity lines of credit- overnight. Their consumer credit scores dropped like a ‘one egg pudding.’ KAPUT. All done. Finished. Shortly afterward, many people physically lost their homes and we’re evicted by the banks!

Well ladies and gentlemen, we remember it well and you should too.
The 2008 economic credit fiasco keep us real busy back then helping people simply survive and, slowly rebuild their live by helping them to build new credit. Corporate credit was their only option.

Enough said. Let’s leave this subject on a good note. So it is-

The good news is that this too shall pass. Be smart, and hang in there!

Let’s quickly discuss your business payroll problems-

If you currently have an existing small business and you are temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus crisis and you are potentially having or going to have trouble meeting your payroll there is immediate help available. This is called the- Payroll Protection Plan Loan. It will help you to meet your payroll during the Coronavirus crisis, and providing you do not terminate or layoff any employees, this loan is forgivable. That’s right, the Payroll Protection Loan is a forgivable loan from the U.S. Treasury.

You need to review the PPP loan application. This is our U.S. Treasury making it very easy for you to obtain funds for your business, (whether you are a corporation, LLC, sole proprietor or partnership) within just a few days and to make it even easier the money comes right from your own business bank.

Download the application here, print the application, review the application, complete the application, need assistance completing the application phone us at 1.323.648.5232. Once you have completed the loan application along with the requested supporting documentation all you’ll need to do is to take the application to your bank, it’s that simple.

If you need back taxes filed or if you have any questions about the application, this program or any other U.S. Government loans please phone us at 1.323.648.5232. The Wilshire Financial Group Inc. has accounting experts standing by to help you including bookkeepers, an IRS Enrolled Agent and a CPA available in our Beverly Hills offices.

If you’re looking for money to keep your business open during the Corona Virus crisis or you need start up funding or money to expand your business operations, START A NEW HOME BASED BUSINESS or simply purchase new equipment, etc. you MUST GET STARTED RIGHT NOW!
WILSHIRE FINANCIAL GROUP INC. is open and processing our valued client’s business loan funding applications at break neck speed and we now have multiple brand new SUPER FAST BUSINESS FUNDING options.

We understand this is going to be a very trying time for every business owner being asked to “close your doors and shelter in place”  but our national banks and our well established and valued lenders are working with us to get our clients funded even faster during this unprecedented U.S. business shutdown.

We have the power to help you today. Now is the time to act to save your business.

Call us TODAY RIGHT NOW AT 323.648.5232  WE ARE OPEN and will discuss our expedited approval process and getting it done the same day or within 24 hours. Our banks and lenders want to help you !

Let’s work together, help you secure the capital you will need to keep your business going.

If you need business funding for any purpose NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

Right now is the time to get your seasoned corporation business funding in place.

Knowledge is Power- Business Funding is Now Within Your Reach

Money. It’s what moves mountains and builds businesses. If you need business funding to breath life into your new dream, or help take your existing one to a whole new level, we can help! If you’ve tried to get bank funding and got shot down you simply don’t know the right way and how to apply, we can help! And if you’re feeling a little befuddled by the secrets of structuring your business in order to achieve the optimal amount of business funding, we can help with that too!

We have on staff former corporate CEO with over 40 years experience in a combination of major direct marketing companies, major real estate acquisitions and property management, both commercial and residential, oil production, motion picture production, domestic corporate banking solutions consulting, as well as extensive financial consulting to a broad range of domestic and international corporations.

On site in the Beverly Hills offices of Wilshire Financial we make available to you a broad array of corporate business services and experts including international and domestic incorporation experts, a CPA, an IRS EA, expert tax attorneys, underwriter,  accountants, bookkeepers, payroll services, webmaster, live answer with remote call forward service, in house Beverly Hills mailing address with call-in and mail forward service, and conference room availability.

Want to Purchase your Seasoned Corporation using a credit card?

We now have a brand new solution! Call us for the details 1.323.648.5232

Short on immediate funds?

Wilshire Financial services are also available to barter. We want to share with the next generation of entrepreneurs how to save time, get funded fast and  avoid costly common mistakes. WFG will show you how to stay ahead of the competition-way ahead. Call us to discuss terms. We are willing to accept high end cars (RR, Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentleys, etc. as well as jewelry, watches, diamonds, gold, precious metals, and real estate.

Let’s talk. Call us. We have experts standing by to answer any questions, the call is free. Would you like to visit us in Beverly Hills California. We want to meet you and will even pay your round trip airfare (coach) AFTER THIS VIRUS SCARE IS OVER. Call for details and to make arrangements. 323.648.5232

If you need start-up cash and you need it fast, call us today at 1.323.648.5232 for a free telephone consultation or to schedule an appointment to visit us in person in our Beverly Hills, California offices.

100% LOAN APPROVAL 10+ YEAR RECORD- All Our Wilshire Financial Clients Submitted into our Funding Program Have Had Their Business Loans Approved- the Last 10 Years!

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