Are you interested in starting your own business with a multi-million dollar annual income potential? We want to talk with you today!

With all that is going on in our crazy world and the current unstable economy, if you’re not already in your own business, there has never been a better time to get started.

When I tell people that I can teach them how to quickly and very easily build a business that consistently generates a million dollars plus every year it really doesn’t sound that impressive anymore. After all, it’s only a million dollars…

But then I share with them the fact that I went from zero to making over one million dollars in the first three months of the very first year that I went into business for myself.

And, I was only 23 years old.

That year was 1975 and $1,000,000.00 in 1975 was equivalent in purchasing power to approximately $5,671,171.00 today, an increase of $4,671,171.00over 48 years.

I  quickly went from driving a 1963 Ford Falcon to a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce almost overnight. Then came the houses, (21 in one year) Corvettes, Cadillacs, boats, industrial buildings, shopping centers, offices coast to coast, etc. etc. etc.

A million dollars a year went a lot farther in 1975.

Making money was (and still is) easy, and…

Today however, many years, and millions upon millions of dollars later, even I can see and I agree the times are changing.

And with the current rate of inflation?

You’re going to need more money!

While acknowledging the simple fact that the longest journey begins with the first step, (making your first $1,000,000.00,)we will start there… today, it is my opinion, a million dollars a year is not ambitious enough!

So we are raising the bar.

Our goal now is to teach, assist, and support each and every one of our new licensee WFG team members the skills necessary to generate an annual income of $5,000,000.00+ per location.

I personally think you will be happier (and so will we.)

The Wilshire Financial Group IP Licensing Opportunity is an unparalleled brand new, never before offered, one-of-a-kind powerful business concept.

We are in the business of selling money.

Everyone needs it and even those who have it, need more. We sell financial solutions.

We can get almost anyone, approved for financing to start a new business or expand their existing business.

In fact, we have a 16+ year perfect loan approval record. Every client we have submitted into our revolutionary copyrighted and trademarked WFG business loan submission program have had their loans approved!

Over the last two decades the Wilshire Financial Group has provided unparalleled, exemplary, Strategic Business Funding Services and CFO Executive Search and Placement Services successfully to a myriad of diverse corporate clients nationwide from coast to coast consistently producing 7 figures in annual sales.

With an unwavering flow of clients flying to our Beverly Hills California Executive Offices every month to meet with us and employ our specialized business funding services, and with the consistently growing demand for these services in our specific field of endeavor we realize, as do our clients, that the time has come now to duplicate the extremely successful WFG business funding model and explore migrating the WFG system into other cities and states.

The market potential in our specialized industry is many times greater than what we can reach and consult with on a daily basis on our own.

Now with your help through the power of a brand new nationwide network of trained WFG Licensees, our coordinated teamwork, careful implementation of our time  tested and proven specialized sale systems, and of course, modern technology we can duplicate and maximize the incredible income generating potential of this unique business opportunity across the continent!

Our WFG team is composed of over achievers. The very best of the best talent in the sales and financial industry.

We are now recruiting new WFG team members to represent our company, join our team, and work with us across the nation providing financial assistance to businesses.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get started?

Then we challenge you to seriously consider the very real possibility of doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your present level of income.


This is an extremely limited offer. We have made the decision to give precedence and priority to applications from our existing WFG Brokers and our currently existing WFG clients. Our ideal candidate will have internet posting, advertising, social media and promotional experience. Financial industry and or business experience is also a plus.

We will provide you with everything you need.

The start to finish framework completely done for you, one on one training, our easy to understand time tested standard operating procedures blueprint, and all the forms and tools you need for everyday operations created for you. WFG will build for you a custom WFG interactive website and supply you with completely done for you cut and paste display ads plus the support of our entire Beverly Hills team of business experts.Everything you will need to duplicate our success and generate your own potential annual 7 figure income financial service brokerage.

We are calling out to a very special breed of person. The very best of the best who can add value to our WFG team and enjoy working with entrepreneurs helping them secure financing for their various business enterprises around the country.

We are searching for people who yearn for total financial independence and the personal rewards that are possible through that independence…people who have a burning desire to extract the fullest measure of success, enjoyment and satisfaction from every day, from each and every moment of their lives…if the person we are talking about sounds like you, if you feel you would enjoy having the money to buy the things you want-new cars, luxurious homes, exotic vacations, the best foods for you and your family and most of all, financial freedom and the ability to help others achieve their own business financial goals, we challenge you to seriously consider the very real possibility of doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your present level of income.

Over the last few months we have spoken with several well qualified potential prospective Wilshire Financial Group licensees who have all the desire, energy, and qualifications we are looking for. These are the kind of people we want to work with us but, they lacked one requirement…


Here’s what we will do to get you on our team if you if have “the right stuff?”

Call us at 323.648.5232.
We want to speak with you.

If you’re short on cash but have GOOD CREDIT or know someone who does? We have a program now that can get your new WFG franchise business funded fast for $200K-$310K.
More than you will need to get started!

We can and will put you in your own business in 30 days or less. CALL US NOW!

If your credit is LESS THAN DESIRABLE but you have access to money and some working capital?

CALL US NOW! If you are who we are looking for? We can and we will make it work!


CALL US AT 323.648.5232.

If you do not qualify? We will let you know.

A decision made today to learn more about the Wilshire Financial Group IP Licensing Opportunity can make today the beginning of a richer, fuller and more rewarding life for you and your family and we are willing to finance the WFG franchise and licensing cost for right candidates. Call us today at 323-648-5232.

Yours for Success,

John Garry
Wilshire Financial Group Inc.

We want to talk with you today!

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