Our clients have been asking us “what do I do if my personal credit doesn’t qualify to act as my own CFO for my company? I made a couple of wrong choices this year. I spent money on some stuff I shouldn’t have, and I had let my credit cards payments slide for a couple of months. What can I do?”

Elvis had the best advice with a simple one line answer that I’ve ever heard; “when things go wrong, don’t go with them.”

So friends why not ask a business associate, a friend, a relative to sit as your CFO/Credit Partner on your company?

If they have faith in you and your business project they may be willing to help?

However, if all else fails? You can hire the services of a professional CFO/Credit Partner to sit on your board of directors and act as your private party guarantor for your business loans simply by calling us at 1.323.648.5232.

Our Executive Search and Placement Services are not inexpensive however several times a year the Wilshire Financial Group Inc. offers seasoned corporations that INCLUDE our CFO/Credit Partner Executive Search and Placement Services.

The NEW YORK SUPER CORPORATION offered below is your opportunity to be able to secure business funding ($500,000+) with the services one of our professional CFO/ Credit Partners.


This is the only NEW YORK corporation available in our inventory PLUS this Super Corporation also includes CFO services in the purchase price. It really doesn’t get much better than this.


If you want to reserve this company please call us or to discuss your situation and determine if this company will work for you? The call is FREE. The information may be PRICELESS.


NEED an expertly engineered for maximum loan approvals 3+ year old seasoned NEW YORK Super Corporation?

Then this is it!

This expertly engineered seasoned company was established to provide strategic business consulting services. Additionally this company is also SIC coded as a business management services company!

This company is unconditionally money-back guaranteed to meet or exceed all current bank lending guidelines. Delivered to your door in 48 hours, turn-key, and ready to roll into funding with a 750+FICO SCORE CREDIT PARTNER.

If you need $500,000.00+++ start-up cash and you need it fast, call us today at1.323.648.5232 for a free telephone consultation or to schedule an appointment to visit us in person in our Beverly Hills, California offices. We  like to meet our clients face to face. So much in fact- we will pay for your airfare. Call us for the details.

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