IMPORTANT NOTICE — to all our WFG Brokers & Clients who want to earn more than a couple $100,000.00 annually in the exciting years ahead. PLEASE READ!

Over the last two decades the Wilshire Financial Group has provided unparalleled, exemplary, Strategic Business Funding Services and CFO Executive Search and Placement Services successfully to a myriad of diverse corporate clients nationwide from coast to coast consistently producing 7 figures in annual sales.

With an unwavering flow of clients flying to our Beverly Hills California Executive Offices every month to meet with us and employ our specialized business funding services, and with the consistently growing demand for these services in our specific field of endeavor we realize, as do our clients, that the time has come now to duplicate the extremely successful WFG business funding model and explore migrating the WFG system into other cities and states…


What you need to know and what we would like to know from you?

And some facts you should consider:

  • Wilshire Financial Group is conducting a feasibility study and exploring the potential development of a WFG continuing commercial relationship “Franchise Opportunity” which when implemented shall be offered in full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Franchise Rule 16 CFR Parts 436 and 437
  • Should WFG decide to move forward all potential interested franchisees will be provided a detailed Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) well in advance.
  • Three (3) types of WFG Franchising Opportunities will be offered. WFG Single Unit Franchise, WFG Area Developer Franchise and WFG Multi-Unit Franchise.
  • All Franchisees will obtain the right to the WFG brand, all WFG trademark and copyrighted sales, marketing strategies, internal daily operating documents, exclusive access to the entire WFG Seasoned Corporations and Limited Liability Companies inventory, WFG Franchise Operating Manual, hands on complete location and set-up assistance, onsite training, access to all WFG systems and processes, lead sources, suppliers, confidential contractors, and quality control guidelines.
  • Proposed Franchise Fee: $75,000.00
  • Proposed Royalty Fee: 5%
  • Projected start-up cost and area development: $27,000.00- $65,000.00 location dependent
  • Projected Estimated Financial Performance: $1,000,000.00+ annually per location/area dependent

The Wilshire Financial Group Inc would like to hear from you? When and if this opportunity becomes available would you like to receive more information? There is absolutely no obligation. When it becomes available would you like to receive the Wilshire Financial Group Inc pre-sale Franchise Disclosure Document to further investigate this potential franchise opportunity?

Are you currently a Wilshire Financial Group financial services distributor? If so, please let us know as this opportunity will be strictly limited and our intentions are to give priority to our WFG distributors and active or past WFG clients first.

Please call us at 323.648.5232 to discuss or email us directly at:

8484 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 515
Beverly Hills, California 90211

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